About Us

About Roving Turtle

Roving Turtle is founded by a diversified group of people with common passion for travel. We ventured in by organising tours and treks for closed circuit of friends on special requests. Our hobbies soon turned into passion and we discovered that a lot of people were just waiting for an opportunity to explore their wild side. The only thing which was stopping them was the “path to the discovery”.  That’s when Roving Turtle was born.


Roving Turtle aspires to change the way you travel. We aim to bring amazing travel and discovery, all in one place. We are an exclusive travel club for individuals who are passionate about travel and waiting to be explore the world. Our motto is to provide consumers highly personalized service, recommendations right from your very first interaction with us.


If you are a tour organiser and want to list your travel itineraries please mail to teamrt@rovingturtle.com


Please provide your valuable feedback about the website and career options to teamrt@rovingturtle.com